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My name is Pieter Joost van de Sande and I am an independent software developer and architect with an impressive track record that focusses on message based systems.

I regularly present at international conferences like Microsoft TechDays, SDC and NDC. Next to that, I am one of the founders and board member of Devnology where I help to organize meetings and run a popular podcast about software development. My role in the community is recognised by Microsoft who awarded me with the exclusive Microsoft MVP award.

In my spare time, I contribute to open source projects which, as you can see at my Github profile, are not bound to a specific programming language or platform. I rather explore different languages and paradigms to learn from their differences. C# as a great general purpose language, the JVM has an impressive ecosystem and Go shows how eligant simplicity is. I do prefer static typed languages in most situations, but if you really want to learn TDD, dynamic languages are your friend.

To clear my head and recharge my batteries I run barefoot.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

According to Microsoft the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to "exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others.

2007 - 2016
Technical Recognition Award

The Atos TRP Award is the most exclusive award Atos gives to their professionals. According to them it is given to the ones that delivered exceptional value to the company.

Judge of the European Silverlight Challenge

In 2008 INETA and Microsoft organised the European Silverlight Challenge. People form over 20 countries competed for the title Europe's Best Silverlight Developer 2008. I was the judge and rated all entries for originality, design, usability and technical execution.

Microsoft Community Moderator

Microsoft recognized my contributions to the MSDN forums and promoted me to Microsoft Community Moderator.

Most helpful answers

I was the number one top rated contibuter that posted the most "top rated" answered on the MSDN forums in the year 2004. Microsoft acknowledged my contribution with some goodies and a handwritten letter from the C# team. A week later they promoted me to Microsoft Community Moderator.


I regularly speak at meetups and conferences covering in-depth topics like durable messaging, domain driven design, CQRS and more language specific like an introduction to Go.

You never disappointed me with your inspiring presentation style! Attendee at NDC
Exceptional presentation skills Attendee at Microsoft DevDays 2008
I enjoyed every minute! Attendee DEV010
You made me realize software development can be fun! Attendee at Devcamp
Best session of the day!! Attendee at SDN
Architecture Event Based Systems
CQRS and Event Sourcing
Domain Driven Design
Continuous Delivery
Agile / Scrum
Project Management
Legacy Systems

 Engineering Architect
 Double Dutch

Rewriting the worlds leading Live Engagement Marketing system.

2016 - present

Rewriting the largest dating site of Sweden, Finland and Norway in Go.

2014 - 2016
 Vice Chairman

Creating awesome opportunities for the Dutch software development community to exchange knowledge and experience.

2008 - present
 Community manager and engineer

Driving business success through active community engagement by building ongoing and permanent relationships, content marketing and delivering world-class support.

2013 - 2014
 Principal Consultant

Helping top Fortune 500 companies to succeed with software development within the Microsoft area.

2009 - 2013

Organising meetups on monthly bases for the Dutch .NET community.

2007 - 2011
 Software developer and speaker

Successfully delivering multiple software development projects.

2007 - 2009
 Software developer

Creating worlds most inteligent workforce scheduling system.

2004 - 2007
 Software developer

Written the stuff we currently call legacy.

2001 - 2004

Pieter Joost is a brilliant developer with excellent and current skills. He has proven himself to be a fast paced and to-the-point addition to various projects. It has always been a thrill working together with Pieter Joost.

- Martijn Bronkhorst, Senior PFE at Microsoft

Pieter Joost has proven to have great knowledge of building software and was capable of learning quickly in a branche he wasn't familiar with. He was easy to work with and always prepared to take that extra step. He was worth every euro I spend on him.

- Robert Heinen, CEO Van Brug Software

Pieter Joost has the drive to tell our students that software development asks for professional attitude and knowing the fun of it. They love it!

- Hans den Hartog, Research Fellow at INHOLLAND

Pieter Joost is an awesome team-mate to work with. Despite having vast experience in software development, he still learns and accepts changes fast. It was a pleasure to discover and refine project domain towards a deeper insight and simplicity, while working on HappyPancake project with Pieter. He helped me to become a better developer. It would be an honor for me to work in the same team with Pieter again.

- Rinat Abdullin, Development Lead

Pieter Joost is an awesome fellow, always willing to try something new. He has extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies. He is obviously an authority in the field of CQRS.

- Ramon Prick, Independent Software Architect

Working with Pieter Joost is an enervating experience. His enthusiasm for software development in it’s broadest sense and his (literally) endless energy work very contagious. This combined with his broad knowledge of software technologies, development processes and his visions on the usage of ICT made him a very useful addition to our team.

- Arno den Uijl, Architect at ABN AMRO


I am available for short-term contract and consultancy work, so go on... hire me!

  •  (+31) 6 54 22 44 89
  •  pj@craftify.nl
  •  @pjvds
  •  KvK 59749903
  •  VAT NL170090073B01
  •  Dronten, The Netherlands